There is sometimes a bit of a misconception in business that ‘no one wants to be sold to’. That is not really the case as all of us are open to spending if it gives us a genuine benefit and we are confident in the return on investment.

Key Note have recently been in the process of trying to buy a system which will help us run business better. We started out by enquiring with the bigger brands who we knew provided such systems and we also did a little bit of research to find other options we may not have been aware of.

After looking at functionality, accessibility, cost and what level of training would be required we whittled our choices down to two systems and took a trial of each.

During this process the sales people for each were in touch regularly, understandable as they wanted to ensure we were using the system and of course were hoping we would pick their system. That’s their job, they were doing it correctly.

However it’s from here that things started to get frustrating for us. We decided to purchase one of the systems as it had the best accessibility (i.e. it was an online platform) and several of our staff had used it in previous roles meaning training and implementation would be smooth. Therefore we worked out a deal with the vendor for a certain amount of users and put into motion the procurement procedure we have. This was on the last Friday of the month, for budgetary and human resource reasons we wanted to begin using the system from the start of the next month.

On the following Monday we received a call from the salesperson telling us that the deal we arranged was on the basis of signoff that Friday, which was never mentioned at the time. Anyway that simply wasn’t possible due to our internal processes so we were faced with a choice, pay above what we had already agreed or look elsewhere. We decided to take the latter option and looked at a third option, one of which had come to our attention during the trial period of the previous two products.

To cut a long story short this system had everything we needed, at less than half the price of the system we were on the brink of investing in previously. We have now decided to proceed. The previous company/salesperson lost a long term deal because they weren’t clear enough in the sales process.

Even trying to implement this new system is proving troublesome as we are doing all the chasing regarding implementation and setting up payments, it’s been a much more difficult job buying something than it should be.

Think about how customers buy from you, not how you sell to them. If I wanted to purchase a product or service from you right now what would I need to do? Is it as quick and simple as it can possibly be? How could you make it even easier? Do you think about that a lot?