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  • Market Reports from 2016 & 2017
  • Charity Funding

    2016 Financial Services Market Update

    smartphone and social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular means of targeting prospective ... long-term donors. Social Media Social media has provided strong opportunities for charities, as it offers ... a low-cost means of targeting a wide reaching target audience base. Social media campaigns have the potential to go ...
  • Sports Sponsorship

    2016 Business Services Market Update

    including social media, which also offers a higher level of engagement and interactivity than the more ... hospitality, competitions and the use of social media, and they enable closer partnerships between brands ... and Serena Williams with a total of $24.6m. The Importance of Social Media for Sports Sponsors The importance ...
  • Recruitment Agencies (Permanent)

    2016 Business Services Market Update

    and social media continue to represent significant areas of growth, providing cheaper access to a greater ... Note Social Media Social media is increasingly representing a key resource for recruiters, both ... challenges in exploiting social media services. Key among these is the issue of reaching appropriate ...
  • Market Digests
  • Reproduction of Recorded Media

    2016 Travel & Leisure Market Digest

    performance data and the structure of the UK reproduction of recorded media sector between 2005 and 2014. ... covers activities under the UK SIC (2007) category 18.20 — Reproduction of recorded media ... — and the UK SIC (2003) category 22.30 — Reproduction of recorded media. This category ...
  • Media Representation

    2014 Media & Marketing Market Digest

    acquisition and divestiture; and employment. SIC (2007) 73.12/SIC (2003) 74.401 — Media Representation ... At First Glance Figure 1.1: Sector Engaged in Media Representation by Number of Enterprises and Turnover ... (number and £m), 2003-2012 Note: SIC codes used are SIC (2007) 73.12 — media representation and SIC (2003) ...
  • £145
    & Experimental Development on Social Sciences & Humanities At First Glance Figure 1.1: Sector Engaged ... in Research & Experimental Development on Social Sciences and Humanities by Number ... experimental development on social sciences & humanities and SIC (2003) 73.20 — research & ...
  • Market Reports from 2014 & 2015
  • Social Media Marketing

    2014 Media & Marketing Market Assessment

    opportunities for brands the world over, while the accessibility of such sites has opened up social media ... compiled by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealing that adspend on social media channels had ... product launches over the remainder of 2014. A number of other newer, smaller social media properties, ...
  • Social Media Marketing

    2015 Media & Marketing Market Reports

    others. For the purposes of this report, such aspects of social media are discussed in terms of marketing. ... This report’s analysis will cover a number of social media platforms, alongside the core social networking ... and Digg. MARKET SECTORS Social media marketing can be split into three main sectors, as follows: Paid ...
  • Arts & Media Sponsorship

    2014 Business Services Market Reports

    expenditure increasing by 4.7% during 2013. The increased integration of digital and social media ... while broadcast media rights-holders will face increased competition from digital and social media ... the challenging arts sponsorship environment, broadcast media sponsorship has begun to recover somewhat in recent ...