Search Tips for Market Reports

There are many ways in which you can find a Market Report based on the Market that you are researching. Please read this article for a quick description on how to find market reports relevant to your search criteria.

1. Refining your search results

You can search for a Topic that you are interested in by using the Search Box on the home page. Once you reach the Search Results page, the results will already be refined by Market Reports. If not you can use the Filter by Market Reports to just search on Market Reports

Search for Market Reports, Company Reports or People

1.1 Using Filters to refine your search

Once you select Markets above, you can then use the filter for Sectors to refine your search further. The Sectors list is alphabetical to make it easy to scroll and read

Market Sectors Filter for filtering Market Reports


As you scroll down the page, you will see two other filters for Market Report Types and Publication Year, that you can use to refine the list of Market Reports

Publication year and report type filters


2. Browsing through our Sectors & Reports page.

Another way to find the Reports you are looking for, is by clicking on the Sectors & Reports link in the main menu at the top. Then click on the Sector to see the list of Reports in that Sector. 

List of all Market Sectors and the Market Reports within them

You can use the filters described above to refine the list of reports while browsing in this way.