How to search and view Market and Company Reports

This Key Note Quick Start Guide explains how to search and view Market Reports and Company Reports on the new Key Note website. Please read this article to get details on how to Search and then utilise all the added features for viewing/downloading Market and Company Reports from the Key Note website.

1. Logging In:

To login to your new Key Note system, simply select ‘login’ at the top right hand side of your screen. 

Logging in to Key Note

2. Searching

There are three ways to Search for the information you want in Key Note.

  • The main search bar on the home screen
  • The smaller search bar on the menu bar at the top
  • Selecting ‘Sectors and Markets’ from the menu bar

The search bar is the easiest and quickest way of finding the information you need. Use this to search for markets, companies and peopleSearch for Market Reports, Company Reports or People.


You can choose which part of Key Note to search on by choosing either Search Reports (market reports), Search Companies or Search People buttons above.

If you select the ‘Search Reports’ option you’ll be taken to the following screen.

 Market Report Search filtered showing sectors


This will display all the market reports that contain your search.  Simply select one to bring up the following.

3. Market Reports

Example Market Report


You can use the navigation buttons here to view chapter by chapter or of course you can download the full report as a PDF or view it in your browser. 

Report Navigation


To download the report as a PDF, after selecting ‘Full Report’ click on the ‘PDF’ icon on the right hand side.

Downloading a PDF


Notice that from here you can share a link to the report via your social media accounts or email (anyone wishing to view the full report will need to login, subscribe or purchase the report) or add it as a favourite. Everything you have favourited can be accessed via ‘My Key Note’.

 4. Company Reports

If you are looking for information on a particular company simply enter their name or company registration number in the search box and select ‘company reports’

How to search for companies using a company registration number


You will then be given a list of companies relevant to your search. Simply select the one you want.

 Search results for Company Reports


Once you have selected the company you want, you will see the following tabs which breaks down the information you can access. 



The Overview tab shows the following information 

 Company Overview Tab


The Financials tab shows: 

Financial Tab in Company Reports


The Ownership tab shows details on holding companies and shareholders.

The People tab shows company appointments and contacts. 

People Tab in Company Reports


If applicable to your account the Documents tab shows the companies house documents.

Documents tab in company reports


Finally the Legal tab shows CCJ’s and Mortgages for the company in question. 


What to do with your Company Report


Company report menu

You will notice at the top of the Company Reports the above options. 

Add as favourite:

This option allows you to build a list of favourite reports which can be accessed via ‘My Key Note’


This allows you to post a link to the report via social media outlets or email. Note anyone receiving the link will need to log in or subscribe to view the full report. 


You can download any of Key Note’s reports as a PDF.

Export to Excel:

This is a very useful feature as it allows you to export all the information in the report to assist with filtering and analysing data.