Reflections from a small business

By Nigel Dickinson | 2nd July

If they do things right, big businesses tend to get bigger. Whether they get bigger through organic growth or by acquisition, it is in the nature of businesses to grow in order to maximise profits. As they grow they tend to work their supply chains harder, using ever more sophisticated...

How Emerging Economies Became Giants

By Michael Englefield | 30th June

Brazil, Russia, India, [the People’s Republic of] China (PRC) and South Africa are a quintet of emerging markets which proved the darlings of the global economy even throughout the financial crisis. In 2014, these five economies accounted for over 22% of global gross domestic product (...

Record Quarter for Commercial Vehicle Sales

By Tom Ikonen | 17th June

You could well be forgiven for thinking the commercial vehicles market — trucks, vans and coaches that is — could hardly be considered the most newsworthy of industries. However, in a rare sign of press interest, the market recently turned heads for all the right reasons, gloating at...

Any Answer More Lucrative than Da Vinci Code

By Michael Englefield | 9th June

In an earlier blog, I covered the fact that Europe's workers are more productive than the UK's. But what can be done about it? Well, solving the UK’s...

Europeans Have Time Nap, Yet Still Beat UK

By Michael Englefield | 8th June

Historically, the UK started from a low base in productivity terms but from the 1940s onwards, we proved to be a dark horse in the Productivity Grand National and galloped up out of nowhere. We looked set to catch our international competitors and be the kind of horse you wish you’d...

Don’t Mention the Deflation!

By Michael Englefield | 21st May

There’s a certain Basil Fawlty-esque ring to economists’ and politicians’ protest against the use of the dreaded D-word to describe the UK’s falling April 2015 prices. Vehement assurances that falling prices are not necessarily a bad thing abound; while we’re referencing classic BBC...

How Low Can We Go?

By Michael Englefield | 12th May

Picture this: you’re down the pub. So far, so good. But don’t get comfortable with your favourite tipple yet — here’s your friend, asking to borrow £10. They don’t get paid until next week. You’re a kind, charitable soul, so you lend your friend £10. Next week arrives and your friend...

How The Royal Baby Will Impact Childrenswear

By Rachel Sharp | 7th May

As Kate and Wills presented Princess Charlotte for the first time on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital on Saturday, what was the one question on the lips of Royal fans around the globe: What will the youngest Royal be called? When will the Queen be meeting her? No… the question dividing...

Shared Economy and the Ethical Consumer

By Lucy Bishop | 28th April

First off, you may ask, just what is the Shared Economy? It certainly sounds like one of those impenetrable, Government-coined terms, but really its meaning is a lot more interesting than the boring terminology suggests... it’s all about pooling resources to gain something, whether...

Neon Moon to Kickstart ‘Unsexy’ Lingerie

By Rachel Sharp | 3rd April

Neon Moon on its Way to Kickstart ‘Unsexy’ Lingerie

Gone are the days of feminists burning bras or sporting the au naturel vibe in defiance of the man’s world of the 1960s. A new wave of feminism has fuelled the launch of a body-positive movement across the British lingerie...

The X Factor of Politics

By Lucy Bishop | 3rd April

It has been dubbed ‘The X Factor of Politics’, although disappointingly sans the presence of Mr High-Waistband himself Simon Cowell (although wouldn’t that be something?), and will represent the first in a series of televised stand-offs between the UK’s main political parties in the...

SWOT analysis

By KeyNote Siteadmin | 19th February

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Key Note’s SWOT analysis provides an effective framework for reviewing your company’s position and direction. It is an essential tool in planning your business strategy, advancing product development and carrying...

Things to consider when starting a business

By KeyNote Siteadmin | 19th February

When starting a business it can feel like there are more questions than answers, and not being able to come up with answers can undermine your confidence and decision-making ability. These questions might include:

  • How much should I be paying my new staff?
  • Am I...

PEST Analysis

By KeyNote Siteadmin | 18th February

PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social and Technological. The PEST analysis contained in each of Key Note’s reports provides you with a useful strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline, and a business’ market potential in view of these external factors....

Marketing Strategy

By KeyNote Siteadmin | 18th February

When developing a marketing strategy for your business, there are several factors that it is important to consider. Key Note can help you to:

  • Determine the demand for your products and/or services across the marketplace you are operating within. How robust is this market...