By Steven Ibizugbe

By KeyNote Siteadmin | 11th February

The Distinction Between Data, Information and Communication

Data, information and communication are three common terms widely used in business intelligence which easily interrelate with each another. Bill Gates, the founder of...

By Karolina Landivar Ruiz

By KeyNote Siteadmin | 11th February

This blog will examine the differences between data and communication. Furthermore, it will examine information on the company activities of Waitrose and other grocery retailers taken from Key Note reports and explore how Waitrose could utilise such data to increase its effectiveness...

Age. Just a number, but one that's rising

By Michael Englefield | 3rd December

If you’ve recently found yourself in front of the bathroom mirror, horrified at an errant grey hair that has appeared overnight and remedied the situation by yanking it from your scalp before its neighbours get any bright ideas, then spare a thought for the UK’s population as a whole....

New Law to Accelerate VAT Lobbying Push?

By Tom Ikonen | 16th November

On the 8th July, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne used his seventh budget to announce a new National Living Wage. While the move is anticipated to boost the wages of 6 million people, a number of concerns have been raised within the travel and tourism industry (among others)...

Fancy Dress Market Mini-Survey

By Alastair Hughes | 26th October

With Halloween approaching, Key Note has been taking a closer look at the fancy dress market.

A recent Key Note survey focuses on the purchase of costumes in the last 12 months. While specialist online retailers (including online fancy dress shops) are popular among respondents...

Don't let your customers down.

By Adam Pembrey | 22nd October

We previously published a blog looking at how difficult some companies make it to buy from them. The initial purchase though is of course, only one stage of the transaction, albeit an important one...

How Easy Are You To Buy From?

By Adam Pembrey | 16th September

There is sometimes a bit of a misconception in business that ‘no one wants to be sold to’. That is not really the case as all of us are open to spending if it gives us a genuine benefit and we are confident in the return on investment.

Key Note have recently been in the process...

23rd September 2015

By Adam Pembrey | 15th September

Founded by William Laing in 1986, LaingBuisson is the UK’s foremost and most highly regarded provider of information and market intelligence on the independent health, community care and childcare sectors.

LaingBuisson are a valuable business partner of Key Note.

On the...

South African Edition: Powered Down

By Michael Englefield | 10th August

Today, Key Note follows yesterday’s blog on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with one on South Africa, concluding our five-blog run on the BRICS nations, which has also taken a whistle-stop tour of the...

Chinese Edition: The Drag on the Dragon

By Michael Englefield | 7th August

Following Key Note's blogs on Brazil, Russia and...

Indian Summer Despite BRICS' Economic Winter

By Michael Englefield | 6th August

Today’s blog follows yesterday’s on Russia and Monday’s blog on Brazil. It is the third in Key Note’s series of blogs on the five...

Russian Edition: Rocked by Rouble Rout

By Michael Englefield | 4th August

Following yesterday’s blog on Brazil, today’s instalment is the second in Key Note’s five-blog series on the BRICS economies, this time focusing on Russia, where boom years seem a...

Brazilian Edition

By Michael Englefield | 3rd August

Key Note covered in an earlier blog how Brazil, Russia, India, [the People’s Republic of] China (PRC) and South Africa (or the BRICS countries) got going. Their expansion has galloped ahead, trebling...

But Lacking in Conference

By Liam Malorey-Vibert | 22nd July

The Highs and Lows of the Exhibition and Conference Market Sector - Recently, Key Note exhibited at The Business Show in the ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre. It was a great experience for us to meet like-minded people from so many different industries and explain...

The Case for Reducing Tourism VAT in the UK

By Tom Ikonen | 14th July

Nobody in their right mind would contest the vitality of tourism to the health of the wider UK economy, or question its considerable contribution. As the fourth-largest service industry in the country, it is responsible for employing an estimated 3.1 million people, or 9.6% of the...