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Research Methodology

Accurate - Relevant - Timely

About Keynote

Our highly respected industry analysis reports are all written by an industry expert, not a generalist author, and are put through our unique 3-step editorial process: ART (Accurate, Relevant and Timely). Each step verifies the intelligence so our clients can have the confidence to make critical business decision based on solid research.

We identify, verify and analyse the facts, bringing together many sources of information and Key Note expert analysis in an easy-to-use and reliable format.

For all reports, Key Note undertakes various types of qualitative and quantitative research:

Original research

Interviews are commissioned by Key Note for various consumer reports and market reviews, and is carried out by NEMS Market Research. The surveys provide unique research derived from a representative sample of approximately 1,000 respondents across Great Britain.

Secondary data

Secondary data are provided by BMRB International Ltd's Target Group Index (TGI) Survey and Nielsen Media Research. They provide consumer/demographic information and advertising expenditure respectively. In addition, various official publications from the Office of National Statistics and other government departments are used for essential background data and market trends.

Qualitative research

Interviews are undertaken by Key Note either face-to-face or by telephone. This provides qualitative data ('industry comment') to enhance the statistics in reports; questionnaires may also be used.

Key Note estimates

These are derived from statistical analysis and trade research carried out by experienced research analysts. Every Key Note report provides a 5-year market forecast enabling you to plan for the unexpected.

Key Note's expert analysis

Our research teams and writers are made up of some of the UK's leading industry authorities; providing us with access to authoritative analysis and expert industry opinion.

Field research

Field research is commissioned for many Key Note reports and is carried out by NEMS Market Research.

ICC information sources

The internal ICC service is used to select company information relevant to a particular report. The financial information extracted may then be supported with further analysis and Key Note company research techniques.

Trade sources

Trade sources, such as trade associations, trade journals and specific company contacts, are invaluable to the Key Note research process. Key Note has close links to some of the UK's leading industry associations.

On-line searching

This is carried out by product code or free search method, and covers the period since the last edition of the report.

The Key Note Editorial Guarantee

Key Note research is carried out by industry experts using only the most reliable sources. Statistics are analysed and verified to ensure complete accuracy so our clients can have total confidence in our analysis. With Key Note, you can be confident that every statistic and finding has been fact checked at least 3 times before it is included in a Key Note report. Our stringent guidelines mean our clients can make crucial decisions based on fact, giving them the security they need in today's economic climate.

Birmingham Central Library, Business Insight

Not only do we find Key Note to be an exceptionally good product that is well used, the friendly, helpful staff at Key Note actually do what they say they will do and almost act as extra staff for your service. They have never let us down and the reliability of the service is second to none.

University of Liverpool

Key Note is a very welcome addition to our electronic resources portfolio. It is extremely easy to use, which makes it a great resource for undergraduates, plus it has excellent coverage, which suits postgraduate and staff needs. Combined with easy access both on and off-campus and an excellent support network to deal with any issues or queries, Key Note is an invaluable source of market information for academic libraries.

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

"I regard Key Note as the number one provider of UK market research. The way in which Key Note content is packaged and presented is appealing and easy to understand and, therefore, a must for my taught course students. Their products are complemented by remarkably high levels of customer service."

Jim Clark, Head of Insight, IPA

"Key Note is the Swiss Army knife of report platforms, incorporating both consumer and B2B research (not to mention Companies House data). It therefore has a comprehensive line-up of titles, all of which are frequently updated. I like the fact that the analysis within the reports is based on “hard data”, through a combination of in-house and external sources. As a result, using Key Note is a great way to keep up-to-speed on a variety of markets, sectors, products and brands and it’s a great tool to have on hand for new business and strategy development."

Jack Mears, Knowledge and Information Partner, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

“Key Note is one of the most dynamic and intuitive products the department subscribes to. It has also remained one of the most-used services for a number of years. The combination of market reports, linked to real company data, within one product, is particularly useful. The constant investment and desire to improve the service sets it aside from a number of other organisations and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


"When we are putting together strategic information for presentations to major retailers & Symington's Board, the combination of Key Note's market research and company information proves invaluable. It is accurate and easy to use, and provides us with valuable insight that we cannot get elsewhere."

Business Information Service, Essex County Council, Adults, Health and Community Wellbeing Libraries

Key Note enables library users across Essex to access leading market research data. Our many customers who are starting up in business have particularly benefited from the breadth and quality of information provided. We have always had a good rapport with the staff at Key Note and value their support.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University has had access to Key Note market reports for many years now. We find the data very useful for students as it covers both consumer markets and business to business. The service is easy to access and we find the staff at Key Note always helpful.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Key Note reports have been available in the Institute's Information and Library Service for many years and have helped our members to build knowledge and understanding of their marketplace and their customers.

Business Insight, Birmingham Central Library

Our customers prefer Key Note reports as they relate to specific products and services reflecting the reality of the small business marketplace rather than multi-national concerns.

London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University has subscribed to Key Note for many years and find the reports to be very comprehensive, well-laid out and contain all the essential 'ingredients' such as market share and SWOT analysis.

Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University

We have used Key Note reports at Cranfield University for over 10 years and find them to be an excellent source of market information.

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, University of Liverpool

Key Note is one of the main information services used by my undergraduate students when completing group assignments relating to the investigation of organisations and the nature of the markets in which those organisations operate. Students seem to find the service easy to use and the information obtained is always pertinent and topical.

Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham Central Library/Business Insight

Not only do we find Key Note to be an exceptionally good product that is well used but Key Note’s helpful and friendly staff actually do what they say they will do and almost act as extra staff for your service. They have never let us down and the reliability of the service is second to none.