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Rise of the Singletons

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According to Singles Market, a new Market Assessment from market intelligence provider Key Note, there has been an increase in the population of singletons over recent decades as changes to the total population and society have affected growth. The ageing demographic has significantly boosted the number of single people, as although people are living longer there has been a rise in the number of widowers, thus older single people make up a large proportion of the total singletons market. In addition, social changes have also had an impact, notably among the younger generation, where people are delaying settling down or getting married, which is boosting figures for the number of younger single people in the UK.


The Market Assessment also includes the findings of an exclusive consumer survey commissioned by Key Note and conducted by NEMS Market Research, which analyses the attitudes of single people. The research specifically showed that a large proportion of the single people surveyed had not been in a relationship for 5 years or more; furthermore, a sufficient majority of respondents claimed that they did not want to find a partner, implying that being single is an acceptable choice for many who feel that they do not need to be in a relationship. This factor is believed to have had a large influence on the growing singletons market, with respondents seeming happier to have their own freedom by not being in a relationship, while a rise in both genders becoming more independent is also boosting the trend.


In regard to the future, the number of single people in the population is expected to remain significant; however, the ageing demographic and projections implying that the older male population will increase significantly over the forthcoming decades are predicted to have a possible impact on the number of widowers, and thus growth may be steadier. Despite this, social trends seen among the younger generation are expected to continue, with delays in getting married making up for falls in the number of singletons among the older population.



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