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Nothing Wasted as Non-metal Recycling Market Grows in 2011

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According to Non-Metal Recycling, a new Market Update report from market intelligence provider Key Note, the UK market for non-metal recycling was estimated to be worth £2bn in 2011, representing growth of 5% on the previous year.


The volume and range of recycling recovered in the UK is largely determined by European Directives and the subsequent national legislation which implements them. Currently, in the UK, each national government transposes EU legislation through national waste strategies. These are largely based on the waste hierarchy, as determined by the EU. The waste hierarchy frames waste management legislation by outlining the preferred methods of waste disposal. The reduction of waste at its source, either through product design or consumer education, is given the highest priority in waste management. Where waste prevention fails, the reuse of the product is preferred, followed by recycling, recovery via incineration or similar methods, and finally disposal at landfill, which is the least desirable option for waste management.


The UK's reuse and recycling infrastructure can vary widely between materials. For materials such as glass and paper and board, recovery and recycling activities have a long history, with infrastructure for collecting and processing waste well-established. For other materials, particularly plastics, waste management infrastructure is relatively under-developed. However, the Government continues to provide funding initiatives and rolling loan schemes aimed at improving waste management facilities, specifically in segments where the recovery and recycling rates are low.


Key Note expects that the UK non-recycling market will continue to experience strong growth in 2012 and beyond, with the market forecast to experience significant growth rates from 2014 onwards. This growth will be driven by increasingly stringent EU and national targets and regulations, coupled with increasing consumer confidence and spending as economic conditions improve, providing an increase in waste generation.



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