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Government Plan’s to Tackle Tobacco

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According to Cigarettes and Tobacco, a new Market Report from market intelligence provider Key Note, the Government will continue to tackle tobacco use within the UK, through its new initiative, The Tobacco Plan for England. The plan outlines a number of ways in which the Government hope to decrease the prevalence of smoking in the UK by targeting all adults, with particular emphasis on younger consumers and pregnant women. The Government initiative also includes targets to help achieve these aims, i.e. by decreasing the prevalence of smoking in adults in England to 18.5% by 2015, resulting in 210,000 fewer smokers per year.


Smoking in England and Great Britain is already decreasing, with prevalence rates dropping from 45% in 1974 to 21% in 2009. This ongoing decline has primarily been down to an increased focus on smoking-related diseases. The display ban, which will see cigarette cartons removed from shelves in shops, is expected help the Government's aim in reducing smoking, while further discussions are still taking place in regards to whether branding on tobacco should also be removed.


The branding ban has recently been passed by the Australian Government, and is expected to come into force there in 2012. The country is the first to implement the new measure in the hopes of reducing smoking. Despite this, the branding ban has already been the subject of some controversy, particular from the tobacco companies, including Philip Morris International (PMI) and British American Tobacco (BAT), after the latter claimed that the ban is in fact illegal by taking away its rights to brand its own products. Furthermore, PMI has publically stated that it plans to accumulate compensation following the introduction of ban. Overall, the Tobacco Plan for England is expected to help further reduce the number of smokers in the UK, although changes are unlikely to be passed smoothly, with tobacco companies ready to pounce at restrictions affecting the market.



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