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E-Recruitment Continues to be Popular With Companies and Candidates...

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An exclusive survey commissioned by Key Note revealed that 43.9% of respondents said that they have used the Internet to search for jobs, according to the new Market Assessment -- E-Recruitment -- from market intelligence provider Key Note.


The results from the survey, conducted in January 2012 by NEMS Market Research, showed that male respondents were more likely to use the Internet to search for jobs, and that the younger generation is undoubtedly embracing the Internet as a method of finding jobs. However, those aged over 35 have a much lower penetration and the industry has yet to open up this market as much as it could.


There is no wonder that candidates prefer using the Internet to search and apply for a job. In Key Note's exclusive survey of 1,000 respondents, 16.9% of those who have applied for a job online have actually received a resulting interview. Considering that 18.5% of respondents used the Internet to apply for a job online, this is a very high success rate for interviews. Furthermore, 12.7% of respondents who said that they had applied for a role over the Internet had gained employment through the job that they applied for. E-recruitment clearly provides a large number of people with suitable jobs that might not have been advertised otherwise.


The majority of leading companies in the UK now use the Internet to find the best staff possible from around the country. The Internet is a much cheaper method of advertising jobs than traditional mediums such as national newspapers and it can also save time as applications can submitted and evaluated in an efficient manner rather than being posted, for example. However, e-recruitment can be flawed in certain environments where businesses only want to appeal to a local workforce, but many local newspapers are building up reputable local Internet job boards.


Looking to the future, many companies are beginning to exploit new job advertising platforms online such as mobile phone applications. Although applications are not currently being accepted through mobile phones it is plausible that this is where employers could move to attract candidates in the future.



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