Holiday Purchasing Patterns Market Assessment 2009

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June 2009find similar
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Market Assessmentfind similar
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Travel & Tourismfind similar
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Table of Contents

The table of contents below is for Holiday Purchasing Patterns 2009

Executive Summary

1. Introduction



Consumer Research

Market Trends


2. Strategic Overview

Market Dynamics And Segmentation

Table.1: The Uk Holiday Market

Holiday Supply


Table.2: Main Destination Countries For Holidays Abroad

Figure.1: Main Destination Countries For Holidays Abroad

Exchange Rates

Transport Routes

Package To Independent?

Domestic Developments


Table.3: Booking Method Used For Last Holiday

Competitive Structure

Travel Industry Consolidation

Brand Allegiance


Table.4: Main Media Advertising Expenditure On Travel And Tourism (£000 And %), Year Ending December

Airlines And Airports

Other Transport

Accommodation And Resorts

Tourist Boards

Tour Operators

The Consumer

The Importance Of Holidays

The Impact Of Experience

Market Forecasts

3. The Holiday Market


Domestic Holidays

Holidays Abroad

Market Size

Table.1: The Total Uk Holiday Market By Sector By Volume And Value (million And £bn),-

Notes On Methodology

Current Market Trends

Holidays Abroad

Package Versus Independent

Table.2: Independent And Package Holidays Abroad

Transport Method

Destination Country

Table.3: Main Destination Countries For Holidays Abroad

Short Breaks

Specialist Holidays

Domestic Holidays

Table.4: The Domestic Uk Holiday Market By Volume

Short Breaks

Table.5: Long Holidays And Short Breaks In Domestic Tourism By Volume And Value (million, %, £m And £),


Table.6: Accommodation Used On Domestic Holidays

Transport Method

Specialist Holidays

4. Current Purchasing Patterns


Sources Of Holiday Information

Table.1: Main Sources Used To Obtain Information For Last Holiday Taken In The Past Months (% Of Adults),

Table.2: Selected Methods For Planning Last Holiday

Consumer Sophistication

Role Of The Brochure

Internet Usage In Detail

Table.3: Internet Activities (% Of Respondents),

`dynamic Packaging' And Web.

Holiday Booking Methods

Table.4: Selected Methods Of Booking Last Holiday

Table.5: Booking Methods For Domestic Holidays

5. The Travel Industry And The Internet


Travel Agents And Tour Operators

Domestic Tourism

The Internet

6. An International Perspective


North-to-south Migration

Eu Enlargement

The Eurozone

Infrastructure Developments

Low-cost Airlines

7. Pest Analysis

Political Factors

Economic Factors

Social Factors

Technological Factors

8. Consumer Dynamics


How Consumers Plan And Book Their Holidays

Table.1: Methods Used For Planning Last Holiday

Traditional (non-internet) Holiday Planning

"not Much Planning Involved Because I/we Returned To Somewhere We've Been Before"

"followed The Recommendation Of A Friend Or Relative"

Table.2: Not Much Planning Because Of Returning

"looked Through Printed Holiday Brochures"

"went In Person To A Travel Agent"

Table.3: Looked Through Printed Holiday Brochures,

"got Information From Teletext Or A Television Programme"

Table.4: Obtained Information From Teletext Or A Television Programme (% Of Respondents),

Use Of The Internet For Holiday Planning

"on The Internet, An Airline Website (e.g. Easyjet Or British Airways)"

"on The Internet, Another Type Of Transport Website (e.g. Trains,

Table.5: Used An Airline Or Another Type Of Transport Website (% Of Respondents),

"on The Internet, A Website Of A Travel Agent You See In The High Street (e.g. Thomas Cook Or Going Places)"

"on The Internet, Another Travel Company Website (e.g. Thomson Or

Table.6: Used The Website Of A High-street Travel Agent

"on The Internet, A General Travel Website (e.g. Expedia Or Tripadvisor)"

"on The Internet, A Hotel Website, Either For A Chain Or An Individual Hotel"

Table.7: Used A General Travel Website Or A Hotel Website

Reactions To The Credit Crunch

Table.8: Holiday Planning In The Recession

Positive Reactions

"i Need To Go On Holiday For Quality Time With My Family"

"i'd Rather Cut Back Spending On Other Things Because My Holidays Are So Important To Me"

Table.9: Needing Quality Time With Family,

"it Won't Affect Me, I'll Go On Holiday As Usual"

Table.10: Recession Will Not Affect Holiday Plans

Neutral Reactions

"i'll Go Abroad On Holiday But Spend Less On It Than Usual"

"i'm Looking Into Countries That Are Good Value For Money, E.g. That Don't Use The Euro"

Table.11: Spending Less Than Usual On A Holiday Abroad,

"i Won't Book Anything Early But Hope To Find A Last-minute Deal"

"i'll Take The Usual Summer Holiday But Cut Out Extra Breaks To Save Money"

Table.12: Hoping To Find A Last-minute Deal, And Cutting Out Extra Breaks To Save Money (% Of Respondents),

Negative Reactions

"i Might Stay In The Uk For Holidays Instead Of Going Abroad"

"instead Of A Long Holiday, I'll Take Short Breaks To Save Money"

Table.13: Staying In The Uk For Holidays, And Taking Short Breaks Instead Of A Long Holiday (% Of Respondents),

"i'm Worried That Travel Companies Or Airlines I Book With Might Go Bust"

"i May Not Be Able To Afford A Holiday At All"

Table.14: Worrying About Travel Companies Or Airlines Going Bust, And Not Being Able To Afford A Holiday

9. Company Profiles


Tui Travel Plc


Tui Travel Today

Corporate Strategy


Thomas Cook Group Plc


Thomas Cook Today

Corporate Strategy


Other Tour Operators

Co-operative Holidays

Holidaybreak Plc

Other Operators

Other Travel Companies

Expedia Inc

Sabre Holdings Inc


Budget Airlines

10. The Future


Market Forecasts

Table.1: The Forecast Uk Holiday Market

Figure.1: The Uk Holiday Market By Volume

Figure.2: The Uk Holiday Market By Value (£bn),-

Future Trends

Impact Of The Recession

Package Versus Independent

Online Versus High Street

Strength Of The `big Two'

Tackling Overcapacity

Holiday Branding

Domestic Sector Optimism

The Predictable And The Unpredictable

11. Further Sources



General Sources

Government Sources

Other Sources

Key Note Sources

Other Reports