Further & Higher Education Market Report 2009

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December 2009find similar
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Table of Contents

The table of contents below is for Further & Higher Education 2009

Executive Summary

1. Market Definition


Types Of Institution


Market Sectors

Further Education

Higher Education

Market Trends

Further Education

Women Represent The Majority Of Further Education Students

The Success Rate Of Students Is Increasing

Adult Education Is Being Cut Back

Higher Education

Rising Student Numbers

Female First-degree Students Outnumber Male First-degree Students

Rising Overseas Student Numbers

Growing Number Of Job Cuts In Uk Universities

Fewer Uk Pupils Applying For Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics

Economic Trends


Table.1: Uk Resident Population Estimates By Sex (000), Mid-years-

Gross Domestic Product

Table.2: Uk Gross Domestic Product At Current And Annual Chain-linked Prices (£m),-


Table.3: Uk Rate Of Inflation (%),-


Table.4: Actual Number Of Unemployed Persons In The Uk (million),-

Market Position

2. Market Size

The Total Market

Student Numbers

Table.1: Total Number Of Students In Further And Higher Education In The Uk (000),/2005-2008/

Figure.1: Total Number Of Students In Further And Higher Education In The Uk (000),/2005-2008/


Table.2: Total Education Expenditure For Further And Higher Education In The Uk (£m), /2005-2008/

Figure.2: Total Education Expenditure For Further And Higher Education In The Uk (£m), /2005-2008/

Number Of Institutions

Table.3: Number Of Institutions† Providing Further And Higher Education In The Uk,/2005-2008/

By Market Sector

Further Education

More Flexibility

Foundation Degrees

Most Popular Subjects

Higher Education


Changes In Student Numbers Per Subject

3. Industry Background

Recent History

Industry Structure

Sixth-form Colleges

Tertiary Education Colleges

Further Education Colleges

Higher Education Colleges And Institutes

Specialist Colleges


Adult Education Colleges

Privately Owned Independent Colleges Of Education

Distance-learning Organisations

Regional Variations

How Robust Is The Market?

Key Industry Bodies

Association Of Colleges

Learning And Skills Council

Uk Commission For Employment And Skills

The Higher Education Funding Council For England

The Welsh Higher Education Funding Council

The Scottish Higher Education Funding Council

The Committee Of Vice Principals And Chancellors

National Institute For Adult Continuing Education

The Educational Centres Association

4. Competitor Analysis


Selected Leading Providers Of Further Education

Selected Long-established Universities

Aston University

University Of Birmingham

University Of Bath

University Of Bristol

University Of Cambridge

University Of Cardiff

University Of Durham

University Of Edinburgh

University Of East Anglia

University Of Exeter

University Of Glasgow

Imperial College Of Science, Technology And Medicine, London

University Of Lancaster

University Of Leeds

University Of Leicester

University Of Liverpool

University Of London

King's College

London School Of Economics And Political Science

Royal Holloway College

University College

University Of Loughborough

University Of Manchester

University Of Newcastle

University Of Nottingham

University Of Oxford

University Of Sheffield

University Of St Andrews

University Of Southampton

University Of Warwick

University Of York

Major Providers Of Education To Mature Students

Table.1: The Top Providers Of University Education To Mature Students,/

Glyndwr University

London South Bank University

Thames Valley University

University Of East London

Selected Open Colleges And Distance-learning Institutions

Henley Business School

Henley College Coventry

International Correspondence Schools

Mercers College

National Extension College

The Open College Of The Arts

The Open Study College

The Open University

Rapid Results College

Wolsey Hall

Professional And Vocational Education

Specialist Colleges

Adult Residential Colleges

Adult Residential Colleges Association

Sources Of Further Information

5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities And Threats





6. Buying Behaviour


Most Popular Subjects

The Most Popular Universities

Table.1: The Top Universities Ranked By Number Of Applications,

The Impact Of Foreign Students

7. Current Issues


Funding Concerns

Research Funding

Educational And Academic Standards

What Are Universities For?

Teaching Versus Research

House Of Commons Select Committee Report

Businesses And University Collaboration

8. The Global Market


Table.1: International Comparisons Of Participation Rate In Tertiary Education At Age,

Table.2: Comparative Expenditure On Tertiary Education As A Percentage Of Gross Domestic Product,

Table.3: International Comparison Of Public Investment In Tertiary Education As A Percentage Of The Total Expenditure On Tertiary Education,

Table.4: The World's Top Ten Universities,

9. Forecasts


Table.1: Economic Forecasts (000, % And Million),-

Forecasts/2010 To/

Student Numbers

Table.2: Total Number Of Students In Further And Higher Education In The Uk (000),/2010-2013/


Table.3: Forecast Total Education Expenditure For Further And Higher Education In The Uk (£m),/2010-2013/

Market Growth

Figure.1: Growth In The Total Number Of Students In Further And Higher Education In The Uk (000),/2005-2013/

Figure.2: Growth In Total Education Expenditure For Further And Higher Education In The Uk (£m),/2005-2013/

Future Trends

Demand For Student Places Will Outstrip Supply

Gradual Funding Increase

Do We Need More Graduates?

Overseas Student Numbers Will Not Rise Indefinitely

The Wellings Report

The Government's Review

10. Further Sources



General Sources

Government Sources

Other Sources

Key Note Sources

Other Reports