E-Recruitment Market Assessment 2005

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June 2005find similar
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Market Assessmentfind similar
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12 Chapters

Table of Contents

The table of contents below is for E-Recruitment 2005

Executive Summary

Online Is Niche But Moving Into The Mainstream

It Is Both Online And Offline

From Quantity To Quality

Strong Future Growth But A New Business Model

1. Introduction



2. Strategic Overview

Market Dynamics And Segmentation

E-recruitment: From Niche To Mainstream In Less Than A Decade

Table: Estimated Expenditure On Recruitment Classified Advertising On The Internet (£m),-2004

Table: Methods Used To Recruit Staff (% Of Employers), And

Jobsite Metrics

Table: Number Of Internet And Jobsite Users (million And %), July-april

Table: Number Of Online Job Seekers And Job Finders In Great Britain (million And %), February-february

Table: Jobsite Metrics (million),-2004

Moving Along The Recruitment Chain

From E-recruiting To E-hr

Online And Offline: The Perfect Match

Table: Methods Other Than The Internet Used For Job Hunting By Jobsite Users (%), October And October

Table: Preferred Method Of Finding A Job By Jobsite Users (%), October And October

3. Competitive Structure

Offline Swallows Online

Sector Focus Of Jobsites

Table: Breakdown Of Uk Jobsites By Type (number Of Sites), February And April

The Major Jobsites

By Unique Users

Table: The Top Jobsites Ranked By Unique Users† (% Of Unique Users),

By Page Impressions

Table: The Top Jobsites Ranked By Average Page Impressions (% Of Page Impressions),

By Average Job Advertisements

Table: The Top Jobsites Ranked By Average Job Advertisements On Site Per Month (% Of Job Advertisements),

Advertising And Promotion

Media Used For Job Advertisements

Table: Main Reason Jobsite Users Use A Particular Site (%), October

Contacting Clients

Jobsite Users

4. Market Drivers


Employment Conditions: Has The Tide Turned?

Table: Labour Market Trends In The Uk (number And %), /2000-2004/2005

Internet Usage Still On The Up

General Recruitment Industry Trends

Table: Turnover Of Uk Recruitment Agencies (£m),-2004

5. Swot Analysis





6. Pest Analysis

Political Factors

Government Policy Affects The Labour Market

More Jobs In Education And The Nhs

Generic Employment Legislation


The Employment Act July

Skills Task Force

Licensing Of Agencies

Current Legislation

The Conduct Of Employment Agencies And Employment Business Regulations (eaa Regulations)

The Eu Agency Workers Directive

The Data Protection Act

Economic Factors

The Labour Market Drives The Business In The Short Term

Social Factors

The Growth Of Part-time And Flexible Working

Candidates Must Be Able To Work In Teams

Changing Demographics

The Growing Importance Of Women And Childcare Facilities

The `sandwich' Generation

`portfolio Careers'

The Rise Of The Information Society

The Growth Of The Internet

Business Reasons For Using A Jobsite


Technological Factors

7. Recruiter Strategies


Integrating The Internet Into Back-office Operations

Client Focus: Productivity Improvements Rise Up The Agenda

Improving Candidate Quality

Easing The Process Of Job Posting

Client Recruiters

Public Sector Gets In On The Act

Table: Summary Of Online Methods To Attract Applicants (% Of Employers),

Key Trends In Recruiter Online Techniques

Psychometric Applicant Screening And Testing

Table: The Proportion Of Employers Using Online Tests (selection/self Selection) For Choosing Applicants (%), And

Applicant Screening And Testing Software

Back-office Systems

Application Service Providers


8. Site User Dynamics


Who Are Online Site Users?

Age And Experience

Table: Age And Work Experience Of Online Jobsite Users (years And £), October And October

Visiting Jobsites

Table: Characteristics Of Adults Visiting A Jobsite/careers Site Or Searching For Jobs Online In The Past Months (% Of Respondents),

Why Are Jobsites Used?

Table: Why Jobsite Users Visit Internet Careers/jobsites (% Of Those Who Have Visited Internet Sites Offering Jobs Or Searched For Jobs On The Internet), And

Table: Characteristics Of Jobsite Users Who Visit An Internet Careers/jobsite For Job-related Reasons (% Of Respondents†),

Site Loyalty

Table: Number Of Online Recruitment Sites Visited While Looking For A Job (% Of Internet Jobsite Users), October

The Skills In Demand

Table: Industry Sector In Which Job Seekers' Employers Operate (% Of Users), Winter

Table: What Role Do Jobseekers Do? (% Of Users), Winter

9. Site Strategies

Potential Pressure From Above

Actual Pressure From Below

Niche Sites Offer Targeted Careers Advice And Information

Hit From The Side

Customer Service A Growing Strategic Focus

Geographic Expansion


Profiles Of Major Sites

Britishjobs.net Ltd (www.britishjobs.net)

Elustra Ltd (www.gumtree.com)

Eurojobs.com Ltd (www.eurojobs.com)

Fish4 Trading Ltd (www.fish4jobs.co.uk)

Graduate Prospects Ltd (www.prospects.ac.uk)

Guardian Media Group Plc

The Hotgroup

Online Recruitment

Traditional Recruitment

The Internet Corporation Ltd

Justjobnetwork Ltd (www.jobsgroup.net)

Monster Worldwide

Nature Publishing Group (www.naturejobs.com)

Nursingnet Ltd (www.healthjobsuk.com)

The Potential Job Board Company Ltd

Reed Executive Plc

Topjobs.co.uk Ltd

Other Top Sites

10. The Future

A Positive Economic Environment

Key Trends


Table: Forecast Number Of Internet And Jobsite Users (million And %),/2006-2009/2010

Table: Forecast Expenditure On Recruitment Classified Advertising On The Internet (£m),-2009

11. Further Sources


General Sources

Other Sources

Government Publications

Bonnier Information Sources

Other Reports