Women Over 45 Market Assessment 2003

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November 2003find similar
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Market Assessmentfind similar
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Lifestylefind similar
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£ 575
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12 Chapters

Table of Contents

The table of contents below is for Women Over 45 2003

Executive Summary

1. Introduction




2. Strategic Overview

Demographic Background

Table: Women As A Percentage Of The Total Uk Population By Age,,, And

Table: The Female Population In The Uk By Age (million), ,, And

Table: The Uk Population By Sex And Age (million), ,, And

Table: Uk Deaths From Age By Sex (per,000 In Each Age Group And),-2021

Women Over And Family

Marital Status

Table: Marital Status Of Women In Great Britain By Age (%),

Table: Population Size By Age, Sex And Family Type (000),/2002

Table: Percentage Of People Living Alone In Great Britain By Age And Sex,


Table: Frequency Of Adults In Great Britain Having Contact With Their Grandchildren (%),

Women Over And Employment

Employment Rates

Table: Employment Rates For Men And Women In The Uk By Age (%), Spring

Table: Full- And Part-time Female Employment Rates In The Uk By Age Of Youngest Child (%), Spring

Working Status

Table: Employment† Of Uk Women By Age (% And),

Table: The Unemployed, Economically Active And Economically Inactive In The Uk By Sex And Age (000), Spring

Women Over And Money

Working Beyond State Retirement Age


Table: Average Gross Weekly Earnings In The Uk By Sex (£), Spring

Table: Mean Values Of Women's Individual Income And Expenditure By Age (£ Per Week),/2002


Table: Pension Scheme Membership In Great Britain By Age And Sex (%),

Table: Pension Scheme Membership Of Women Working Part Time In Great Britain (%),,,, And

Table: Pension Scheme Owners In Great Britain By Employment Type (%),

Table: Expenditure Of Retired Households In The Uk By Type Of Pension (£ Per Week),/2001

Women Over — Profiles And Perceptions

`attitudes And Aspirations Of Older People'

Attitudes Towards Work

Ageism And Age Discrimination

The Concept Of Retirement

Voluntary Work

Attitudes Towards Learning

Attitudes Towards Ageing


`the New Old'

The Challenges

3. Women In Society

Participation In The Community

Table: Community Spirit In Neighbourhoods In England And Wales (%),-2000

Table: Free-time Activities By Age (%),

Table: Indicators Of Neighbourliness In Great Britain By Age (%),/2001

Table: Trust In Neighbours In Great Britain By Age (%),/2001

Table: Characteristics Of People With High And Low Social Capital,/2001


Care Homes

Table: Change In Uk Care Home Capacity For Older And Physically Disabled People,/2003

Social Exclusion

Table: Mobility Difficulties In Great Britain By Sex And Age (%),

Women In Positions Of Authority

Table: Women's Representation In Democratic Institutions (number And %),

4. Health, Beauty And Fitness


Table: Women's Concern Over Health (% Of Respondents),


Table: Causes Of Death In England And Wales By Sex (rate Per Million Of The Population),

Anti-ageing Treatments

Spending On Beauty Products

Table: Weekly Spending On Women's Beauty Products In The Uk By Age (£),/2002


Participation In Physical Activities

Table: Participation In Top Women's Sports Activities By Women Over (%),,, And

Table: Attitudes Towards Keeping Fit (% Of Respondents),

5. Lifestyle And Leisure

Spending Time With Family

Table: Attitudes Towards Spending Time With Family (% Of Respondents),

Other Leisure Activities

Table: Reasons For Attending The Arts In England By Age (%),

Spending On Leisure And Holidays

Table: Weekly Uk Household Expenditure On Leisure By Age Of Head Of Household (£),/2001

Eating Out

Table: Spending On Restaurants And Take-away Food In The Uk By Age Of Head Of The Household (£ Per Week),/2001

Magazine Readership

Table: Top Women's Magazines By Circulation Per Issue, First Months

6. Marketing To The Older Woman


Marketing Industry Activity

Consumer Trends

Table: Forecast Sales For Low-fat And Low-sugar Foods (£m),-2007

Table: The Forecast Uk Market For Cosmetics And Fragrances By Value At Current Prices (£m At Rsp), -2007

Table: The Forecast Uk Clothing Retailing Market By Value At Current Prices (£m At Rsp)-2006

Table: The Forecast Uk Tourism Market By Value (£m), -2007

7. An International Perspective


Global Developments

Table: Indicators On Youth And Elderly Populations By Selected Country (% And Number),

8. Pest Analysis

Political Factors

Economic And Social Factors

Technological Factors

9. Consumer Dynamics


Financial Security

Table: Financial Security And Pension Provisions (% Of Respondents),

Personal Spending

Table: Spending On Family And Self (% Of Respondents),

Bereavement And Health Problems

Table: Emotional And Physical Health In The Past Years (% Of Respondents),

Keeping In Touch

Table: Taking An Interest In The World And Socialising (% Of Respondents),

Holidays And Short Breaks

Table: Attitudes Towards Taking Holidays (% Of Respondents),

Appearance And Shopping

Table: Attitudes Towards Appearance And Shopping (% Of Respondents),


10. The Future

Market Forecasts

Table: Forecast Uk Market Size By Age Group At Current Prices (£bn),,,, And

Population Forecasts

Table: Projected Uk Population By Age And Sex (000),,,, And

Table: Projected Life Expectancy From Birth By Region And Sex (years),/2001-2030/2031

11. Further Sources



General Sources

Bonnier Information Sources

Government Sources

Other Sources

Other Reports