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Defence Equipment Market Report 2010

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Published Date :
May 2010find similar
Report Type :
Market Reportfind similar
Report Sector :
Defence & Aerospacefind similar
Price :
£ 575
Contents :
12 Chapters

Table of Contents

The table of contents below is for Defence Equipment 2010

Executive Summary

1. Market Definition

The Global Market


Table.1: Top Recipients Of Major Conventional Weapons Based On Sipri Trend-indicator Values ($m At Constant Prices),-

Table.2: Top Suppliers Of Major Conventional Weapons Based On Sipri Trend-indicator Values ($m At Constant Prices),-


Market Position

Global Position

Domestic Market

Top Mod Suppliers

Table.3: Top Suppliers To The Ministry Of Defence Paid £500m+ By Holding Company,/

Acquisition Reform

2. Market Size

Defence Budget


Table.1: Defence Departmental Expenditure Limits (£m), As Atth December

Table.2: Defence Departmental Expenditure Limits (£m), As Atth March

Table.3: Major Spending Departments' Share Of Total Managed Expenditure (%), As Atth December

Table.4: Major Spending Departments' Share Of Total Managed Expenditure (%), As Atth March

Table.5: Defence Expenditure As A Percentage Of Gross Domestic Product (%),-

Table.6: Government Spending In `near Cash' Terms (£m),/2010 And/

Comprehensive Spending Review

Table.7: Ministry Of Defence Staff Numbers By Type, As Atst April-

Industrial Expenditure

Table.8: Ministry Of Defence Industrial Expenditure At Current Prices (£m),/2006-2007/

Defence Procurement


Acquisition Review


Green Paper

Relations With Industry

Mod Contract Value Bands

Table.9: Ministry Of Defence Contract Bands By Value,

Uk Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation


Role Of Ukti Dso

Staff And Financing

3. Industry Background

The Defence Sector



Table.1: Number Of People Employed Directly And Indirectly In The Uk Defence Industry,/2003-2007/

Table.2: Uk Defence Employment Dependent On Ministry Of Defence Equipment And Non-equipment Expenditure, /2003-2007/

Research And Development

Ministry Of Defence Expenditure

Table.3: Ministry Of Defence Expenditure On Research And Development (£m),/2004-2007/

By Funding Sector

Table.4: Uk Expenditure On Defence Research And Development By Funding Sector (£m In Cash Terms), -

Industrial Developments

Global Consolidation

Uk Sector

Procurement Policy

European Defence Agency

Table.5: Uk Payments To The European Defence Agency (£m),-

Table.6: Uk Participation In European Defence Agency Initiatives

European Code Of Conduct On Defence Procurement

Transatlantic Trade

4. Competitor Analysis

Major Suppliers To The Ministry Of Defence

Table.1: Private-sector Companies† Paid £50m+ By The Ministry Of Defence,/

Table.2: Number Of Ministry Of Defence Contractors Paid £5m+,/1991-2008/

Overseas Suppliers

Defence Equipment Imports

Table.3: Uk Imports Of Defence Equipment By Commodity By Value (£m),-

Table.4: Uk Imports Of Defence Equipment By Region Of Origin By Value (£m),-

Defence Trade Data

Current Procurement

Reporting Cycle

Major Projects Report

Table.5: Major Equipment Projects By Prime Contractor And Forecast Cost (£m),st March

5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities And Threats


Competitive Position

Supplier Base


Political Direction



Research And Development




Ministry Of Defence Policy


European Market



Political Priorities




7. Current Issues

Uk Defence Policy


Defence Review

Defence Strategy

Strategic Defence Review

Green Paper

Context Of The Review

Adaptability, Flexibility And Agility

Partnership — National And International

Personnel And Equipment

Transatlantic Issues

Us Interests

Europe And Nato

Defence Expenditure

Table.1: Nato Defence Expenditure By Country ($m), And

Table.2: Estimated Nato Defence Expenditure As A Proportion Of Gross Domestic Product At Constant Prices (%),

Defence Trade

8. Forecasts

Budget Forecasts

The Budgetary Regime

Equipment Expenditure

Significant Programmes

Table.1: Equipment Programmes Monitored By The Defence Committee,

Defence Equipment Examination

Balancing Budgetary Priorities



Pre-general Election Announcements

22nd March

Specialist Vehicle

Light Protected Patrol Vehicle

Nimrod R1 Replacement

25th March

Astute Class (ssn) Submarines

Future Surface Combatant/type Class

26th March

Lynx Helicopters

29th March

Complex Weapons

Hawk T Mk2 Aircraft

Chinook Helicopters

A400m Transport Aircraft

C-17 Transport Aircraft

Hercules C-130j Transport Aircraft

Runway Facilities

7th April

Tornado Support

Procurement Trends

Future Priorities

Urgent Operational Requirements

Table.2: Number Of Urgent Operational Requirement Vehicles Ordered Since By Type

Industrial Capabilities

Defence Exports

Uk Exports

Table.3: Uk Defence Exports By Value Of Contracts Signed And Estimated Deliveries And Share Of The World Market (£m And %),-

Export Controls

Export Trends

Export Markets

Table.4: The Top Five Recipients Of Major Conventional Weapons And Their Largest Suppliers (%),-

9. Company Profiles

Leading Suppliers Of Defence Equipment

Global Defence Companies

Table.1: Top Global Defence Companies By Revenue ($m And %),

Table.2: Top Global Markets Accessible For Business By Bae Systems, Based On Total Defence Expenditure ($m)

Uk Defence Companies

Table.3: Top Uk Companies Ranked By Defence Revenue, And Their Reliance On Defence (%),

Bae Systems

Table.4: Bae Systems Order Book1,2 — Top Programmes

Babcock International Group


10. Glossary

11. Further Sources



General Sources

Government Sources

Other Sources

Key Note Sources