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Report Searching

Quick Search

Searching for a report on Key Note can be done through our quick search located at the top-right of the page where keywords relating to the topic you wish to research should be typed into the input box and then the ">>" icon clicked.

Advanced Search

If you have either too many results displayed or wish to refine your search please make use of the Advanced Search feature which includes the following options;

  • Full text search: any keyword contained within our report text (e.g. Nike)
  • Sector: the industry or market sector that the report is categorised under (e.g. Computing)
  • Report title: the text in the title of the report (e.g. food)
  • Chapter name: the text in the chapter title (e.g. marketing)
  • Date published: the date range that the report was published (e.g. 1/2009 to 7/2009)
  • Boolean search: please see below

Each time you add a field you will receive fewer results.

Boolean searching

The Key Note website supports Boolean operators in the Advanced Search to assist with more complex queries.

We recommend that for specific searches using Boolean terms, users should use the Advanced Search for greater control and options for refinement.

To enable the Boolean search mode on FULL text input in the Advanced Search simply check the tick box labelled "Boolean" on the right hand side of the field.

Please examine the following examples on Boolean searching:

Help Example
AND keywords: baked AND beans
OR keywords: baked OR beans
NOT keywords: baked !beans
Phrase keywords: "baked beans"
Combination: (pulses !peas) OR beans