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Key Note Market Intelligence chapters - explained

Executive Summary:
A brief overview of the report touching on Market Size & Growth, providing an indication of the best performing sectors, general & specific factors affecting the market, future developments, key trends and influences. Free of charge
Market Definition:
Focusing on the market in which the market sectors move, outlining the background of the industry, key historic events, acquisitions, etc. that have affected the past few years. This will tell you what markets the report focuses on and any breakdowns where necessary.
Market Size:
Looking at the size of whole and main market sectors.
Find out how much your market is worth. Do you have a big enough share? If not, see how Key Note can help you change this. Clarify your market position and market worth.
Industry Background:
Highlighting notable changes in the last 2-years and detailing why/how they have changed the industry. There is also a look at the market infrastructure. Has your business adjusted accordingly to any industry changes? How does your business fit in with the market? Are you going in the right direction?
Competitor Analysis:
Detailing major players in the market, their company background, recent developments and recent financial results.
Do you know how your competitors are doing? How has their company changed? Are they increasing volume sales at your expense?
SWOT Analysis:
Lists the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the whole market and by each market sector where applicable. Are you channelling your resources to the most effective means? Can your business cope? Are you prepared for potential pitfalls? Are you ready for new opportunities?
Buying Behaviour:
A consumer profile, which where appropriate will include both domestic, business and commercial consumers. Do you know what your customers want? Have their attitudes changed?
Global Market:
An overview of the stronger markets which can incorporate Europe, US, South East Asia, etc.
Are you up to speed on Global developments? How will developments outside the UK affect your business?
Current Issues:
Looks at those issues affecting the current market or issues currently taking place that may affect the future market.
Is your development plan flexible enough to cope with issues that will affect your market? How will the issues affect your company? Are you prepared?
Forecast of the market covering a 5-year period by value (and volume if applicable) starting from the year the report was published. Is your business heading in the right direction? Are you in the most profitable section of your industry? Are you set for growth? Are your strategies in place?
Company Profiles:
Covering company structure, product information, recent developments and financial information from a selection of the UK's leading players. Detailing your competitor's structure and in-depth financial results.
Further Sources:
Contact details including web addresses of associations, publications and directories, general information sources and government publications.
Hot Points:
Thought provoking quotes from the industry that Key Note collated during the course of report research.

How do other companies/individuals see your marketplace?

Brand Strategy:
Discussing strategies as a whole within the market and trends in NPD (new product development). Are you ahead or behind your competitors? Are you focusing on market growth in the right area? Is your new product strategy on track?
Company Financials:
Looking at company structure, brand information, recent developments & financial information.
Industry Overview:
An introduction to the report and marketplace and a brief description of the products and services covered.
Industry Structure:
Commenting on the level of concentration and fragmentation explaining any barriers to entry, etc.
Have you explored all avenues of diversity? Are there any other markets that you could profit from?
PEST Analysis:
Political, economic, social and technological factors that affect the market, enabling a more strategic analysis of the future of the industry to be made with a particular emphasis on external factors. Are you aware of all factors that could affect your market? Is the social and economic climate going to have a positive or negative impact on your business?
Key Note Research:
Providing either of the following forms of original research:
a) Analysis of consumer research b) Results of trade interviews c) Industry roundtable.
Competitive Environment:
Detailing the major players active in the overall market - outlines existing types of companies active in the marketplace and their influence on the market as a whole, touching on European or international participation.
How do your competitors affect the marketplace?
The Future:
Forecasts up to 5-years for the whole market, analysing the trends evident in any particular table by value (and volume if applicable). Is your business heading in the right direction? Are you in the most profitable section of your industry? Are you set for growth? Are your long-term strategies in place?
Strategic Overview:
Providing a general overview of the whole industry, background information and any factors that are considered relevant to the market. Get the low down on the marketplace. How well do you understand your market?
Supplier Profiles:
Profiling all the major suppliers within the industry.
Buying Behaviour:
Focusing on consumer penetration, for example % of men, 16-24, that buy a particular product. Do you know what your customers want? Does your consumer have enough disposable income to buy your products? Have their attitudes changed? Consumer trend analysis on previously published reports.
Consumer Dynamics / BMRB and NEMS
This chapter covers consumer preference and purchasing power and includes valuable original research.
Does your target consumer actually want your product? How does it suit their lifestyle? Are you taking into account geographical diversity? Have you captured your target market?