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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions we commonly get asked are shown below. Please click on each question to show the more information about this particular area.

If you are unable to find a response to your question please contact Key Note.

Where do you obtain your raw information?
We choose what we believe to be the best information sources for each market. These may include TGI data from BMRB, NEMS, Gallup, Taylor Nelson, Nielsen, Office for National Statistics, Import/Export data, industry surveys, directors' surveys, exclusively commissioned research, ICC information etc.
How do you make sure your reports are accurate?
Every report is written according to Key Note's stringent guidelines. It is then submitted to the Key Note report editor who checks the report, going through our unique editorial process that ensures each report is Accurate, Relevant and Timely (ART). At each stage all data is checked for accuracy and detail, and edited in the Key Note easy-to-read style.
How do you decide which new titles to publish?
New titles are selected by a panel of representatives from the Key Note sales, marketing and publishing teams plus Key Note writers who are industry experts. Customer requests for new titles are also taken into account. The panel monitors the wider economic climate to ensure that all topics of current interest are covered by the range of reports, and that customer demands are satisfied.
When you update a report how much information is rewritten?
New reports are updated with the latest market intelligence and analysis.
How many reports has Key Note published?
Having been established for over 30 years, Key Note has produced thousands of comprehensive and detailed market analysis reports available online or in hard copy.
I would like more details about a report before...
Every Key Note Market Report is published with a detailed table of contents.
Please view these by visiting the Key Note website at For information about a particular report or product, please email us at
I am using a Key Note report and would like some more information...
We have a fast and reliable support service provided directly by our editorial and research teams; simply email with your question.
I have an urgent deadline and require a report today, is this possible?
Once you register at, our simple online purchase facility will provide access to the report you need as soon as you make a payment.
How should I reference Key Note?

Citing your references should provide the reader of your document with enough information to find the sources of information you have consulted.
We ask that you ensure you include the following when referencing Key Note:

  • Report title
  • Publication Date
  • Author
  • URL link to the report (if you used the report online)

If accessing the Key Note report online, please click on the "More Info" icon to find out the report's date of publication, report type etc.
An example reference: Catering Market Review, March 2009, Key Note Ltd,
For students:
In addition to the above, we advise that you follow your academic institution's referencing style.

Are you Shibboleth compliant and is there anything I should be aware of?
Yes, the Key Note website is compatible with both 1.3 and 2.0 Shibboleth versions and we require the ISSUER_STRING attribute for authentication. Key Note hold each user's activity history for 12-months and ideally require your organisation to keep user activity/login history for 6 to 12-months.
How do Key Note define their credit score?
The credit score represents the likelihood that a company will cease business in the forthcoming 12 months. A score of 1 means there is some chance this will happen, 2 less so and 3, 4 & 5 more and more unlikely. The algorithm for calculating the score is based on a number of values from the Profit & Loss accounts and Balance Sheet over the last few years. In total there are around 20 different items affecting the score, each with an appropriate weighting.
Is there a favoured browser for using Key Note?
The Key Note website is accessible via all browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.
For Internet Explorer users, we recommend using Internet Explorer 8 or newer in order to get the very best experience.