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Company & People

With a LIVE database of more than 7 million UK companies with up to 5 years of company financials, spotting trends and analysing performance is made easy. Research companies, shareholders, secretaries and directors, target key prospects and analyse key ratios to benchmark performance.
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List Builder

Create targeted mailing lists and equip your sales and marketing teams with valuable prospects. Narrow your search results geographically, by SIC code, financially and much more.
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Enter Criteria

  1. To begin please click on one of the four options shown (Fundamentals, Financials, Geographic or Advisers).
  2. Click "Search" on an option from left panel.
  3. The "Enter Criteria" box will open to the right, Select/Enter your values.
  4. Click "Count" to check the number of matches for your selection.
  5. Click "Apply" to add the criteria
  6. * Repeat for all the search options of your choice until complete
  7. Click "Output" for all the fields you wish to output as columns in the data (this is done automatically where you have searched and applied the count)
  8. Click "Export" to receive your spreadsheet or Click "Benchmark" to compare the performance of your selected companies.
  9. Please check that your download is not blocked by the browser pop-up blocker.











Create a bespoke report benchmarking up to 200 companies using 21 performance ratios. Spot strong or weak performers, identify companies that are ripe for investment and compare efficiency and productivity.
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